About PGStats

Panda Global Stats, or PGStats, is the premier statistics and ranking initiative for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and has recently been making its way into the other esports. Projects we produce include the bi-annual PGRank and regular tournament reports. 

Started by a group of three community members, PGStats has since expanded to a group of 9 dedicated members -- with a network of contributors to boot. It has had one mission alone throughout its existence: provide continuity and storylines to esports through its works. 


Director: Luis "suar" Suarez

Luis is first and foremost an educator. He takes his love for education into directing the PGStats team, channeling its members' collective expertise into a solid package for the public to enjoy.

He aims to provide the community with a platform that it deserves, one that will continue to grow alongside esports for years to come.  

Chief Author: Dom "Dom" Moore

Dom is one of the three original PGStats members, and serves as the chief author of team currently. In addition, he is also a commentator, analyst, tournament organizer, and competitor for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and has been a member of the Smash scene since 2015.

Outside of Smash, Dom enjoys freelance writing and aspires to travel the world as an esports journalist.

Content Creator: Justin "Popi" Banusing

Justin does a variety of content for PGStats, from writing to graphics to public relations. An industry veteran of 3 years, he has worked for companies such as ESPN, Rappler and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He also organizes the Visayan School League, a national League of Legends Collegiate Circuit.

He is currently a senior at Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus and is looking to major in Software Engineering. Follow him on Twitter @PopiSSB.

Chief Analyst: Zeyan "Zan" Niyami

Zan is one of PGStats' founders and a popular Toon Link specialist from Southern California. He loves competitive smash and all the little details that come with it, thus fueling his passion for PGStats.

Because of his experience as a player, he takes take what knowledge he carries to appropriately analyze bracket data. His goal with the PGR is to accurately depict who is at the top of the current competitive meta, and to give people rising in ranks the exposure they deserve.

FGC Analyst: Adam "Mayday" Braham


Adam has been active in the esports community for over 11 years and he aims to take that experience with him to PGStats. Once a dedicated member of the Halo community, Adam found Smash to be his calling and hasn't looked back since.


He aims to help players acquire esports teams and sponsorship deals and is an ex-local organizer for fighting games in his home state of Ohio.

Statistician: Andrew "PracticalTAS" Nestico

Andrew wears many hats in the Smash Bros community, but his goal here at PGStats is to build an objective ranking system that will finally put a stop to the endless arguments over who's better than who.

We think he's just adding fuel to the fire, but it's an admirable goal nonetheless. You can follow him on Twitter for his stats work, tournament highlights, and crazy tool-assisted Melee gifs @PracticalTAS.

Lead Systems Engineer: Peter "Giant" Wensel

Peter is the reason why data collection is as fast as it is. As our Systems Engineer, he creates algorithms and code that allows us to quickly scour tournament results and match histories. He is the backbone of this project, and by extension, Smash Wii U's rankings as a whole.

Graphic Designer: Shawn "Spike" Dennis

Every color and slick graphic related to this project is the brainchild of Shawn. A prodigy of design, he brings with him a signature style unmatched in the esports scene, making him a high demand artist for many individuals and organizations out there. 

International Analyst: Juddy

Juddy has near-limitless knowledge of the international scene and the culture surrounding it. He is the reason why PGStats is able to have a global reach and is the heart of the project.