Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team!

We at Panda are happy to introduce two new additions to our social media team: 

Chris Okamura and Tina Sang. Both Sang and Okamura have a wealth of experience managing social media in esports and gaming and are valuable assets to Panda’s growing platforms.

Chris Okamura has worked in esports for over 9 years, holding positions at  CSL, MLG, IPL, Evo, Blizzard, and Riot. His social media experience is extensive, having previously been the Social Media Manager for FlyQuest before going to work for a freelancing firm where he would post for Optic, 100T, Twitch, and more. Okamura is equally passionate about the FGC and is well-immersed in the community.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to join Panda. It’s very special for me, getting a chance to come home in a sense to a community that’s important to me. I hope that I can provide some knowledge and experience to what is already a top tier team,” Chris Okamura.

Tina Sang is a Canadian social media powerhouse living in Edmonton, Alberta. She previously served as the Social Media Manager for G2 Esports, helping grow their North American audience. Most recently she worked as one of two social media managers for T1, and was in charge of all English-speaking social media for the team. Tina has also had a hand in community management and running events, so she knows how to wear a lot of hats. 

“Working at Panda is a unique and interesting opportunity. I am excited to explore something new and bring my experiences to elevate Panda’s branding and presence online,”  Tina Sang.

Panda is proud to welcome these two experienced and passionate community members to our social media team and are excited to benefit from their combined knowledge and talent in the field.

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