Panda Signs With Jiyuna; Launches New YouTube Channel

Panda Signs With Jiyuna; Launches New YouTube Channel

Panda is excited to introduce our newest member to the team: Welcome to Panda, Jiyuna!

We are also officially launching Panda Fighting Games, a secondary YouTube channel; a space where we share on Panda's impact in the FGC by highlighting our fighting game players and larger roster exploring fighting games. 

Jiyuna, the face behind the AnimeIlluminati YouTube channel, has been a present figure in the Anime Fighting Game Community for many years. Serving as a liaison between the Japanese and American fighting game communities (he famously was the go-to translator for Daigo's tweets about SFV early in the game's life) as well as a sharp, witty critic of FGC culture. 



Through his humor and keen observation, he's served as a looking glass for over 60K YouTube followers into the wider world of fighting games. Outside of most major anime fighting game titles, Jiyuna has also served as a commentator on the Tekken World Tour and serves as a liaison between Japan and the English-speaking West.

The Panda Fighting Games channel launches today, Tuesday, July 20! Our new channel will publish content every other day, featuring Panda Fighting Game Players like Kizzie Kay, Punk, MarlinPie, Jiyuna, and HookGangGod. It will also prominently feature content from Panda staff, including JWong and Kitana Prime. Saint Cola, a decorated fighting game commentator, will also be joining Panda as a content creator aiming to enrich the Panda Fighting Games channel content with his own charismatic flair.

The goal for our new channel is to bring together creators from across the FGC to celebrate its plurality, its unique perspectives, and to push fighting game content further on YouTube.

We are thrilled to see what content our new Pandas put together along with the creation of our secondary Panda Fighting Games YouTube Channel! Make sure to stay tuned for further announcements as our Panda family continues to grow.

Join us in welcoming Jiyuna and Saint Cola to Panda by following their socials:


Twitter- @jiyunaJP



Saint Cola

Twitter- @_saintcola

Twitch- saint_cola

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