Panda is Looking for Their Next Street Fighter Star

Panda is Looking for Their Next Street Fighter Star

On August 8, Capcom announced season 4 of Street Fighter League, their popular 3v3 Street Fighter competition, and that Panda will be participating! Our roster is made up of our Team Captain Punk and our content creator Justin Wong, but that means we have one more Street Fighter player to find.

In our hunt for the Next Panda Street Fighter Star, we narrowed down the field to 3 players who have the skill to help us take the trophy at SFL Season 4 But being a Panda means much more than just having skill: These players will have to prove they are one of us in a competition that will determine if they have what it takes to be a Panda.


Our all-star panel of Punk, Jwong and special guest Panda judges, will judge contestants ElChakotay, Nephew and DR Mandrake in 3 categories: Skill, team compatibility, and of course, content! The contestant that the judges feel is the strongest across all 3 categories will be chosen as Panda’s next Street Fighter Star. The winner will be offered a spot on Panda’s SFL team, a 6 month contract, and will be featured as part of our Panda Fighting Games YouTube channel!

Airing on and landing on our new Panda Fighting Games YouTube channel, with features on and Punk’s YouTube channel, we’re just as excited (and way more nervous) than you all are to see who our newest Street Fighter player will be. Let’s #HoldForward and see where we end up! 


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