Farewell Simply and SmallAnt!

Farewell Simply and SmallAnt!

There are few gaming communities that exemplify our motto of “Hold Forward” better than the speedrunning community. We love seeing the passion that speedrunners have for their craft and the variety of content that is possible thanks to speedrunning.

However, today we are making the difficult decision to part ways with our speedrunning division as our focus shifts more to our other projects and communities. Unfortunately, this also means saying goodbye to Simply and SmallAnt. From all of us: Thanks for the laughs, the records, the songs, and the memories. Thanks for being Pandas.

We’ll still be watching all of their streams and can’t wait to see what amazing things they do next.

A statement from our CEO, Dr. Alan:

“Simply and SmallAnt are incredible creators and will no doubt continue to grow from here. We believed in them 2 years ago when they first joined the team, and we still believe in them today!

Speedrunning has a fantastic community that is vast: with thousands of titles to speedrun, so many promising creators with diverse fanbases can emerge and grow in entirely different paths. Unfortunately though, for an esports organization, speedrunning is a difficult category for the very same reason that makes them so great, so we had to make the difficult decision to shift our focus elsewhere."

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