PGstats Announces Open Beta

PGstats Announces Open Beta

The Beta is receiving a new patch! In late February, the Beta will become open to the public, featuring detailed player pages, historical rankings, an extensive VoD database, regular statistics-oriented articles and videos, and more. 

This new patch will also introduce PGstats Badges. Badges will appear on player pages to recognize all sorts of Smash Bros accomplishments, ranging from tournament attendance and individual set wins to peaks like becoming PGR-ranked and winning a PGR S-Tier. Sign up for the beta and check out your badges or your favorite player's badges when the open beta goes live!

With the release of the Open Beta comes the launch of the Panda Global Online Leaderboard, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wi-Fi tournament tracker. Beginning in March, we'll track online tournament results and compile them in a monthly leaderboard. To recognize those who have continued to grind in the online era, we'll provide exclusive badges to those who finish each month in the top 10. 

The PGRSF, a historical ranking of the top 50 Street Fighter V players from 2016-2019, will also be launching on in March. Covering all four years of major Street Fighter V offline tournament play, the PGRSF includes data from over 250 tournaments, including the entirety of each Capcom Pro Tour season as well as other notable events, making it the largest dataset of any FGC PGR ever.

This is just the start of a big 2021 for, as more features are still on their way. Stay tuned here and to @PGstats on Twitter for more announcements.

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