Panda YouTube Hits 150K Subscribers

Panda YouTube Hits 150K Subscribers

Panda has accomplished a major milestone! We have officially reached 150,000 subscribers on our main Panda Youtube channel.

The Panda team has been putting more effort into improving our YouTube channel's innovative material since last year. While we hit 100k subscribers on Youtube earlier this year, the next target of 150k has been achieved quicker than expected. Pandas’ talent coupled with consistent daily uploads on the channel has grown the community tremendously.

It took us five long years to reach 100k subscribers on Youtube and the next 50k came in just 9 months. With our roster of Pandas continuing to grow, possibilities for creating some new and varying type of gaming content has gone up as well. 

Keeping the same style of consistent uploads, we launched the Panda Fighting Games Youtube channel in July 2021. In less than 4 full months, the channel has reached 15k subscribers and is on a steady climb. We have a lot of Pandas excelling in the fighting games and wanted to better serve the FGC.

There’s more exciting news coming from the fronts of some of our Pandas. Kizzie’s Youtube channel blew up in terms of views and is now is the largest channel creating content around Guilty Gear Strive. On the other hand, Punk, the leader of “Da Alfa Academy”, has become one of the largest creators for Street Fighter V on Youtube.

JWong, a veteran in the FGC, took his star power and wielded that to surpass 100k subscribers on Youtube earlier this year. Similarly, Marss has become a staple in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community. This is quite a feat as Marss went from having just a couple thousand subscribers to over 100k Youtube subscribers in a matter of just over a year. 

Considering how both these Pandas are adored by the fans of their respective communities, it wouldn’t be surprising that they hit 150k Youtube subscribers themselves in the early months of 2022.

Last but certainly not least, WaDi, who was featured by Youtube as one of the “Gaming Creator On The Rise” earlier this year, has also surpassed 50k subscribers in mere 6 months on Youtube. 

Ensuring that our Pandas create content up to their potential and skill has always been our priority. While we pitch in to help out our Pandas from time to time, it cannot be denied that everyone has worked hard to get to this level. We are extremely proud of our content team for this achievement and look forward to reaching even more milestones in the future!
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