Panda Welcomes SmallAnt to the Team!

Panda Welcomes SmallAnt to the Team!

Panda continues to bolster it’s content team with the addition of speedrunner SmallAnt to the roster! 

SmallAnt is primarily known for his livestreams featuring speedruns in games like Pokemon and Breath of the Wild; but his YouTube channel also offers a plethora of enthralling content including his infamous Super Mario Odyssey runs. 

The Canadian speedrunner is all about reimagining games in unique challenging ways and he enjoys performing “challenge runs,” where he sets himself a particular goal such as: Can I beat Breath of the Wild without using weapons?

His passion for speedrunning is not limited to games. Earlier in 2020, SmallAnt spent four months training to achieve the most prestigious World Record he will ever hold: Drillless Pencil Sharpening. He currently sits atop the leaderboard at 10 pencils sharpened in 2 minutes and 21 seconds.

“This is my first ‘real’ experience with esports,” SmallAnt says on joining Panda. However, he admits to dipping his toes into the competition in the past: “You know I was actually one of the top Smash 4 players in my region,” he laughs.

“I think what I’m really looking forward to with joining Panda is the chance to colab with some of the other members,” he says, “There’s a lot of cool people that I know of on the team and I’m really excited to possibly work with them soon.” 

Panda is excited to see what SmallAnt will bring to their robust content team with his astounding speedruns. Be sure to follow him on Twittersubscribe to his Youtube channel, and check out his regular streams on Twitch


By Zackary Potter (@21Zackage)

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