Panda VS Round 1: Meet The Artists

Panda VS Round 1: Meet The Artists

The Panda Merch team is proud to unveil the reinvigorated Panda VS line for 2021 with an anime-themed series featuring the work of 6 community artists. The guidelines for the line have been overhauled and now utilizes our Pandagon as a frame for the artists’ creations.

Without further ado, meet the artists of Panda VS Round 1: Anime

Akai Riot
Akai’s not a new face to Panda and we absolutely knew when Panda VS was coming back Akai needed to be an addition to VS.

When we started we knew we wanted to have BerryVerrine’s unique bright style to be in the first wave of Panda VS.

LittleMissLokii is a concept artist hailing from the gaming industry and brings a very versatile skillset, fun and bright art is a staple here!


Miniillustration’s work is bright with color and absolutely screams fun. From fashion to food Miniillustration has it covered.

Snowscapism’s very charming art was a perfect fit for the lineup, they also created very fun mashups of birds and Smash characters!

Friend of the FGC community Quassihoillic has been producing fanart for a hot minute providing bright and dynamic art to the community!

One shirt will go up for sale at 10 AM EST every day during the week of March 8-13, and each design will only be available for purchase while supplies last. Follow the Panda Twitter account for live updates and check our Panda VS landing page daily!

The Merch team is already working hard to bring you the next round of Panda VS with new artists and a new theme and expects regular releases throughout 2021! 

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