Panda Plays Guilty Gear Strive!

Panda Plays Guilty Gear Strive!

Guilty Gear Strive has seen an explosive response from the FGC since its release and the Panda community has been gearing up to show their skills in tournaments!

First, we are thrilled to announce that our weekly Strive tournament has been receiving an incredible amount of support in the past few weeks. Each Panda Strive tournament has consistently hit over 100 entrants each, for both Playstation and PC, cementing itself as one of our major games in our tournament lineup. 





Along with our regular events, our Strive tournaments will be hosted on Wednesdays. Replacing our rotating Wednesday game slot. 

Make sure to register for our upcoming Bamboo Battles:Guilty Gear Strive 4 weekly tournament before next Wednesday, July 14th! We’re excited to see our Panda community go head to head in an exciting tournament bracket.

Panda’s Guilty Gear Strive Competitors Make Their Mark!

Our team of Pandas have also been making their mark in major competitive Guilty Gear Strive tournaments! Panda’s own HookGangGod and Kizzie recently went head to head in Grand Finals of City of Mayhem’s PS4/PS5 Strive Online Tournament #2.

Punk has been absolutely dominating in Guilty Gear Strive tournaments! Winning first place at TNS, Next Level Battle Circuit, House of Chaos, NLBC, and more throughout the month of June. 



Panda’s own JWong has also been excelling in Strive events. Since the game’s release, he has won over 6 events in the month of June! He will also be including Strive content within his YouTube channel’s rotation of videos. 

When asked about his recent success in Strive, JWong simply noted “ I am a filthy May main just throwing dolphins.”

On our roster, an enormous number of players have picked up Strive. Our lineup of players focusing on the grind in Strive include SKD, Marlin, HookGangGod, Kizzie, JWong, and Punk.

Our Super Smash Bros. players, iBDW and ESAM, have recently been learning the game and sharing their progress. Strive is iBDW’s first traditional fighting game he’s picked up.



Our Pandas will also be including more Strive content on their channels and socials. Kizzie gained over 20K in YouTube subscribers since Strive's launch, making him one of the biggest Anime Fighting Game YouTube channels. HookGangGod and Kizzie will be publishing five videos a week on their channels, including Strive content within their lineups.



We are thrilled to see our Pandas thrive with the new release of Guilty Gear Strive and we can’t wait to see our community join us in our future Strive tournaments!

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