Panda Merch's New Mantra

Panda Merch's New Mantra

Panda’s Merchandise is Expanding!

Better quality, lower prices is our mantra as we #HoldForward with our new merchandise.

We looked to change up the paradigm of esports merchandise, but our biggest question was how do we find high quality merchandise with affordable prices that we could be proud to have the Panda logo on? 

We’ve officially reached one of our most important milestones: We’ve made merchandise that we can be proud of, that is both affordable and accessible for our fans! Now, our Panda merchandise lines will maintain their high quality with new, lower prices. 

Going forward, we’ll be looking into adding more merchandise and collaborations. Our mainstay is the pro line, the athletic wear that you’ll see our competitive players rocking at tournaments (when those come back again). We’ll also be adding more casual lines focused on comfort and every day wear, such as the Hold Forward line and the ringer tee. As well as added options for accessories, gaming gear, and more!

We will also be expanding our limited merchandise collaborations. Panda VS, our one-day sale artist collaboration series, will be returning soon with new artists and new merchandise But that’s only the start of our limited selection we’ll be releasing this year!

 We will continue to collaborate with artists within the FGC community to bring you unique and fashionable merchandise that supports both Panda and our favorite artists. 


Our players might be getting their own dedicated merch lines as well, so make sure to stay updated on Panda news for when they launch! 

We hope that by the end of 2021, our store will be filled with amazing selections for all sorts of people. Make sure to check out our store front, social media, or even on our Panda’s streams for the newest Panda merch in production.

-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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