Panda Collaborates with Gamers for Giving

Panda Collaborates with Gamers for Giving

Panda had an exciting weekend collaborating with Gamers for Giving, a global charity event featuring competitive gaming tournaments, streaming marathons, and LAN parties to raise money for the Gamers Outreach organization! The charity event was hosted on March 20th and 21st.

Along with the many other streamers participating in the event, our Panda family was able to help contribute a significant amount to the nearly 1 million dollars raised in just two days! Panda raised $10,253, including reaching the donation goal for two GO Karts; one for Boston Children’s Hospital and the Children’s National Hospital. 

The charity hosting the event, Gamers Outreach, is an organization that empowers hospitalized children through video games. They are building a world where play is easily prioritized alongside research and treatment in order to bring a sense of normalcy for child patients. 

Gamers for Giving is a part of Panda’s goal to run and participate in at least 12 charitable events throughout 2021. By using our platform, we aim to organize events that combine our love of competitive gaming and giving back to charities who we strongly believe in.



When asked their thoughts on participating in Gamers for Giving, our Pandas had this to say!

"It was kinda crazy to be able to do that with support from my community and raising karts for kids who are hospitalized is just amazing to me and is something I’ll always hold really close to my heart." - Punk

"Raising money for kids has always been a thing I wanted to do. So I genuinely hope I was able to make some dreams come true.” -Kizzie

"It was rad. It feels great to do what I love while also helping other people, especially children stuck in a lonely or difficult situation in the hospital." -Marss

"Raising money with Gamers for Giving was an amazing experience. As a dad, their mission to put GO Karts in children's hospitals spoke to me personally, and being able to be a part of rallying the Panda community to help kids in need was deeply fulfilling. I'm very proud of what we were able to accomplish, and happy we were given the chance to maybe bring a bit more joy into the lives of sick children." - CONEY

"It was absolutely amazing to bring our community together to raise money for GO Karts in hospitals. Recreation is crucial during long-term illness, and I am so happy we have been able to help provide this for many children and young adults! " - Anna

-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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