Panda Reaches 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Panda Reaches 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Panda has reached an incredible milestone! We have officially reached 100,000 subscribers on our main Panda YouTube channel!

Since May 2020, the Panda team has increased our focus into further developing our creative content on our YouTube channel. Within less than a year, we've experienced tremendous growth and publish new content every day for all our fans to enjoy.

Our YouTube channel has also expanded its variety of gaming content as well. As our roster of Pandas continues to grow, so do the types of games we cover on our platforms!


“When the global pandemic slashed our event calendar, we made a concerted effort to try and reach all of the communities we missed gaming with through our YouTube content, and seeing our channel hit such a wide audience is validation that the love of gaming is alive and well. I'm looking forward to continuing to help create content that delights hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide!” - Josh Marcotte, Director of Logistics at Panda.

"I'm incredibly proud of our team and the players who shifted their focus to creating content in the last year and made this awesome growth possible. Our redoubled focus on content creation has been paying off for everyone, and we're so excited to keep this momentum going as we #HoldFoward to the next milestone!" - Dr. Alan Bunney, Co-founder, and CEO of Panda.

We are extremely proud of our content team for reaching this amazing achievement. We look forward to reaching even more milestones in the future!

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