Over $3k Raised for BCRF: The Grand Bamboo Battle

Over $3k Raised for BCRF: The Grand Bamboo Battle

Throughout the month of August, Panda hosted multiple Guilty Gear Strive events Each benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The month-long initiative offered players multiple opportunities to qualify for the The Grand Bamboo Battle and the $3000 prize pool. Panda has seen a tremendous amount of participation from our community in both the tournaments and charity support, raising a total of $3,491. 

The Bamboo Barrage kicked off our lineup of August Guilty Gear Strive tournaments on August 1st. 280 players entered in an enormous double-elimination bracket, including five of our own: JWong, Kizzie Kay, Punk, HookGangGod, and MarlinPie. Ultimately, Marn  and Punk qualified for our first two spots in The Grand Bamboo Battle, and $2,545 was raised for BCRF!

You can also catch the official recap for the event on our Panda Fighting Games YouTube Channel!

Eight other players qualified through our weekly Bamboo Wednesday tournaments, while the final six battled it out on our player’s streams (with an additional $500 prize pool up for grabs). 

Our 8 finalists met to decide the ultimate victor of The Grand Bamboo Battle on August 28th. After a vicious start to the tournament everyone expected Marn to fight Hotashi in the finals but K7 showed that he was a force to reckoned with after double eliminating Marn 3-0 in both winners and losers, but it wasn’t enough to stop Hotashi’s Nago and his wild run through the Grand Bamboo Battle. 




Congratulations to Hotashi and all of those who participated in our Guilty Gear Strive events during the month of August! But most importantly, we want to thank the community for coming together to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through your generous donations.

Thank You!

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