Granblue Fantasy Versus 10v10 Recap

Granblue Fantasy Versus 10v10 Recap

While the pandemic has shut down in-person events, Panda Global has been working closely with the Japanese Granblue Fantasy Versus scene to bring everyone an exciting series of tournaments. We’ve been pitting several scenes against each other, from Dragon Ball FighterZ to King of Fighters. The competition has been stacked, with players including Kazunoko, KOG, Teresa, and many more giants.

We’re giving you all of the insight and analysis so you know what to look out for in all of the GBVS hype matches!

First off we have our debut set between BlazBlue Cross Tag players and Guilty Gear players. Some of these names, of course, may be familiar including DBFZ God Fenritti and the Guilty Gear legend Teresa. This set is so important to the “meta” of the series due to team Guilty Gear’s overt dominance time in and time out. 

Guilty Gear went on to become the dominant force of this team series all the way up until recently where they faced Team Touhou. Of course, I’ll get to the God slayer that is Team Touhou later. 

Up next, is the SNK vs Dragon Ball FighterZ set, which was one of my personal favorites out of the whole series. We had some FGC legends in the mix including Kazunoko, KOG, and GO1. Not to mention our very own Panda, BNBBN, in the mix as well. 

Most notable in this series to watch is Tahichi vs. Masayan (Metera vs. Charlotta). This matchup is great for multiple reasons, mostly due to the zoner vs rushdown character is always intriguing. I won’t spoil too much but you can check it out for yourself here:




Moving on we saw the battle of the BBs: team BBtag vs BlazBlue Central Fiction. This set is actually one of the closest sets in the whole series, with literal back and forth leads throughout. When you think one side finally has their ringer to take out the opposition, we see another upset. Also note to pay close attention to the crazy interactions and reactions between the two sides; if you learn anything about BBtag and BBCF players, it’s that their reactions are not to be doubted, even online.




Now back to Team Guilty Gear. This team really came up hard against Team Persona 4 Ultimax with probably the most stacked team I have ever seen in fighting games. Team GG had Teresa, Omito, Consume, and Mochi to name a few. Team Persona Ultimax tried their best to make things interesting of course P4U pulled out great opponents including Mokke. If you’re trying to see Team Guilty Gear at their best, this may be the best set to watch.




Now to wrap this up with our most recent series, Team Touhou vs Team Guilty Gear. You may be thinking “Wait Touhou? As in the bullet hell games?” but don’t discount them so quickly: the scene is full of competition and quick reactions almost rival the FGC. The bullet hell power may have been what the team needed to overthrow the legendary Team Guilty Gear. The most notable players from Touhou included Kamiji,TR, and BOBSON. This team really was inspiring especially if you want to see some quality Djeeta play with TR playing excellently this set.




There are plenty of more GBVS sets that were not covered here, so head on over to the Panda Global YouTube to take in all of the action. Take some notes as you watch all of these masterful players come together for some incredible Granblue Fantasy Versus Crew Battles.

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