Faye Mata and Anna Cramling Join Panda

Faye Mata and Anna Cramling Join Panda

Panda is excited to officially introduce you to two of our newest members! Welcome our incoming Pandas, award winning voice actress, Faye Mata, and rising Chess prodigy, Anna Cramling.

Faye Mata

A professional voice actress and a former competitive player, Faye Mata is no stranger to either recreational gaming or esports. Her work as Petra in Fire Emblem Three Houses and Lulu in League of Legends is world renown, and her performances as Astolfo in Fate/Apocrypha and Aqua in Konosuba have won awards and piqued the interest of masses to modern anime dubs.

Faye's streams caught Panda's eye on top of her history in competitive gaming as both a player and a tournament organizer. Her content varies from lighthearted and playful panicking over a variety of games to real talk just chatting heart to hearts. Faye always had a love for building up communities so it's no surprise that she encourages her viewers to keep healthy mindsets as they pursue their dreams, whether it be in voice over, esports, or just getting through college.

Faye has a dedicated stream on Fridays called “Friday Flex” where viewers submit at least one thing they’re proud of accomplishing in the past week. Then Faye and the rest of her chat respond with affirmations and support, no matter how big or small the accomplishment may be.


“I'm very excited to work with Panda as a content creator. I always go prettyhard when I’m passionate about something. All I want to do is create andindulge in those passions, so Panda’s ‘Hold Forward’ is easily a mottoI can get behind!

Old FGC friends would tease me with ‘Oh Faye, you Hollywood now?’ because I stopped going to tournaments. NAH, bruh. My love for the community has never gone away. I’m just coming home! I’m grateful for everyone’s support so far. Thanks for joining me on my exciting new journey!”

Join us in welcoming Faye Mata to Panda by following her content here:

Twitch- FayeMata

Youtube- Faye Mata

Twitter- @FayeMata



Anna Cramling

Anna Cramling is a rising Chess streamer from Sweden. A young chess prodigy at only 18 years of age, Anna has been able to share her immense skill and passion for chess through her content.

Anna was introduced to chess when she was three years old by her parents, who are both Grandmasters. Her immaculate talent led her to accomplishing many achievements in  competitive chess at a very young age. She currently holds the title of Women FIDE Master, which she earned by achieving a ranking of 2100 or higher.

Spirited, passionate, and bright, Anna aims to bring a fun and unique energy to the world of chess through her content. She has proven to have a promising future both as a content creator and chess player.

“I am thrilled to be bringing chess into Panda! The popularity of chess has exploded these past months, and I am stoked to see what chess content the future holds with the amazing people at Panda.”

Join us in welcoming Anna Cramling to Panda by following her content here:

Twitch- AnnaCramling

YouTube- Anna Cramling

Twitter- @AnnaCramling





-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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