ESAM Wins Glitch 8.5

ESAM Wins Glitch 8.5

September was an exciting month for Panda’s very own ESAM! ESAM officially claimed his second Glitch champion title at Glitch 8.5 - Konami Code!

Glitch 8.5 was ESAM’s first in-person Super Smash Bros. Ultimate major tournament in over a year. However, this did not stop him from showing his skills and overcoming many of Ultimate’s top-level players.

Despite primarily practicing at home and online for over a year, ESAM continued to persistently practice Pikachu combos and matchups. Glitch 8.5 was the tournament to show the world his skills in this new chapter of Ultimate.

“Glitch felt like all my preparation and time spent training in quarantine wasn't a waste,” noted ESAM. “Every time I would watch or play, even if I wasn't trying my absolute hardest, I would still learn matchups and sharpen my skills.”

ESAM’s skill was constantly tested throughout his sets at Glitch 8.5. Facing off against many top-level players such as Team Moist’s Light and Kola, along with the challenge of defeating MKLeo. Twice.

“Light was probably my hardest set since his rushdown is almost unstoppable and my style of play isn't good against that. Of course Kola and MKLeo were difficult as well and I had to play incredibly well to beat them, but it wasn't as constantly overwhelming as when I play Light.”

“The competition was incredibly fun. I love playing top players and I played 4 sets against top 10 players. When watching them at other events like Riptide and Summit I always thought 'I think I can beat them the next time I play them," but I thought it was my ego talking. Turns out, I was right.”


ESAM placed 1st without dropping a single set at Glitch 8.5! Closing out the final game of the tournament with a stylish 0-death combo against MKLeo’s Joker. 

The team at Panda is incredibly proud of ESAM’s achievement at Glitch 8.5. The strength of his persistence, determination, and talent truly shown throughout his gameplay at the event. We can’t wait to see ESAM continue to impress us all at future tournaments!


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-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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