ESAM and Coney Announced as Cure Rare Disease Ambassadors!

ESAM and Coney Announced as Cure Rare Disease Ambassadors!

Panda is thrilled to announce that our own ESAM and Coney are now both the newest brand ambassadors for Cure Rare Disease!

Cure Rare Disease is an organization that raises money and collaborates with clinical specialists in order to develop treatments for patients with extremely uncommon, and often fatal, diseases. Many of these diseases do not have treatments or cures because they are so rare.

Cure Rare Disease has raised over $65,000 in developing custom therapeutics through gene therapy. By creating therapeutics that are custom to each patient’s rare disease, Cure Rare Disease is able to help those with rare diseases live long, full, healthy lives despite having been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder for which they’ve been told there is no treatment or cure.

Both ESAM and Coney have actively participated in raising money for charities through their platforms and events. We are extremely proud that they will be collaborating with Cure Rare Disease and will be hosting charity streams in order to raise money for their cause.

When asked about becoming the new brand ambassador for Cure Rare Disease, ESAM stated,

“I have done several fundraisers both for research and social issues, and it’s one of the best uses of my platform. Cure Rare Disease reached out to me and wanted me to organize a few streams throughout the year benefiting their nonprofit organization! Cure Rare Disease is an organization that fundraises for research on lesser talked about diseases. Being able to have a goal and an organization to consistently fundraise for honestly makes me more motivated to help! My chat is also very generous with fundraising which I am forever grateful for, and it helps strangers that I probably will never meet.”

Coney added,

“We will be having charity streams at least once a quarter and anyone that donates to the streams can be entered into a raffle for prizes!”

-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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