Strive For a Cure: Panda Hosts A Month of Tournaments to Benefit BCRF

Strive For a Cure: Panda Hosts A Month of Tournaments to Benefit BCRF

August is going to be filled with plenty of hype Panda Guilty Gear Strive tournaments! We are thrilled to share with you all of the events we have lined up and how you can join in on the action. 

In benefit of the Breast Cancer Research Fund, we will be running a month of Guilty Gear Strive PC tournaments with $7,000 on the line throughout August! 

We already kicked things off with our Bamboo Barrage, a North American open tournament on August 1st with a $1,000 prize pool. Congratulations to team Rise’s MaRN for winning first place after a thrilling Grand Final Reset against Panda’s own Punk — and congratulation to our community for already raising $2.5k for breast cancer research this August!

Each Wednesday of the month, we’ll be running our weekly Bamboo Battles on our stream, This will be the first time we stream our Bamboo Battles on our main Twitch channel!

 On top of these events, six of our Pandas will be running GGST sub tournaments for a $500 prize pool, Punk Jiyuna HookGangGod MarlinPie Kizzie Kay JWong, throughout the month of August

Every event will be leading to the Grand Bamboo Battle on August 28th, a US 16-player invitational for $3,000 made up of the winners of the month’s events. The top US players from the following events will qualify: two from the Bamboo Battle Barrage, two from each Wednesday Bamboo Battle weeklies (eight total) and one from each of our players' sub tournaments (six total), to make up our 16 players. 

“Giving back has been a core pillar of Panda since we started. This month of Bamboo Battles brings together our excitement for Guilty Gear Strive (thanks, rollback!) with our passion for charity, to put on a thrilling set of events for the community. We’re running 12 tournaments for charity this month and we can’t wait to see what storylines emerge while we raise money for a great cause!” - Alan Bunney

We look forward to seeing our Panda family and fans participate in our Guilty Gear Strive tournaments this month! 

-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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