Anna Cramling in NYC

Anna Cramling in NYC

Chess, the iconic game synonymous with grand strategy, is more popular than ever in the modern era. While chess has been played in some form or another for centuries, the game has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. With chess websites facilitating instant play with people around the world, and with
lessons and resources from chess masters available on platforms like YouTube, more chess fans than ever are studying and improving at the game every day.

Panda’s resident chess expert and Woman FIDE Master, Anna Cramling, spent two weeks in New York and Los Angeles with Panda’s AV team to show off a different side of chess. Anna, who usually plays from her apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, instead streamed while out and about in the busy cities,
playing friendly matches with chess hustlers and putting together off-the-cuff video ideas with the assistance of Panda’s content gurus.



“Being able to check a shoot off a bucket list is any director’s dream, but when the stars align and you get to work with a talent like Anna, it produces amazing results. Being able to work with someone that was open to spontaneous content ideas and much more was awesome to execute on, and I can’t wait to do more content with her,” said Thomas Tischio, the videographer on the team. Panda’s role in enabling Anna to shine on her trip included consulting for travel plans, helping out with the itinerary, and handling content creation on the ground—making sure Anna had as much time as possible to play chess, instead of setting up to play chess.

Anna’s charm and charisma are apparent in the series Panda helped her put together, chatting with folks playing chess in public parks and sharing her love of the game. Anna was incredibly grateful for Panda’s support: “It meant the world to me to have a team that actively wanted to support me whilst I was filming in New York. I had come all the way from Sweden, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I got the help I did, I’d never have gone to the USA. I’m really grateful that they believed in my video ideas and made them a reality by bringing in a top-notch videographer!”



Together, Anna and Panda were able to show off a vibrant and authentic side of the chess community, and the video series has gotten a lot of love from her fans over on her YouTube channel. Anna’s passion for the game is apparent every moment, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to bring that passion to
Panda’s audience.

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