Panda to Run 12 Charity Events in 2021

Panda to Run 12 Charity Events in 2021

Panda is proud to announce that we will be taking the initiative and promise to run 12 charity esports events in the year of 2021! 

Since Panda’s organization was created, we have been dedicated to hosting events and collaborating with non-profit organizations in order to raise money for charity. By using our platform, we have been able to organize events that combine our love of competitive gaming and giving back to charities who we strongly believe in.

Many of these tournaments will feature brackets for FGC titles that are popular with our Panda community. As well as a variety of prizes from our sponsors and collaborators.

Our next online charity event will be taking place on March 21st! Panda and Adorama are collaborating together once again to host our fourth event, the Adorama Charity Cup: Killer Instinct.



This tournament will be an online Killer Instinct event dedicated towards raising money for Gamers for Giving. It is free to enter and features over $8,000 worth of prizes! It is region restricted to players located in the United States. 

Gamers for Giving is a weekend-long, worldwide competitive gaming marathon dedicated towards raising money for the Gamers Outreach Foundation. 

This foundation raises money for gaming equipment and technology in hospitals in order to give children the needed tools to help cope as they undergo treatment. By providing gaming software, the organization helps in the healing process for children in hospitals by providing relief, socialization, and a sense of normalcy to families and patients.

Make sure to tune in to our Adorama Charity Cup on March 21st on the Adorama XP Twitch Channel at 7pm EDT! You can also participate in the bracket by signing up through the event’s page here


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