Reddit Photoshop Contest To Celebrate Milestone!

Reddit Photoshop Contest To Celebrate Milestone!

In honor of Panda’s Subreddit page reaching 1,000 members, we hosted our first photoshop contest! We challenged the Panda community to create submissions using this photo of Marss staring straight into your soul. Here are the results from the contest.


The Rules

The rules for our first photoshop contest were as followed:

 1. Submit your entries as a reply under this main post! Submissions must be a direct link to a single image.
2. You may submit up to three entries.
3. No NSFW posts or reposts


The winner of the contest would receive any item of their choice from the Panda shop!

The contest began on June 8th and submissions were closed on June 15th. After just a week, we received over 100 submissions from the Panda community! But who came out on top?


The Winner(s)!

We weren’t expecting the insane amount of amazing submissions for our very first photoshop contest. With so many hilarious and creative memes, it was difficult to choose a single winner. As a result, the Panda team decided to not only choose one, but THREE winners for the contest.



Congratulations to u/LegoMasterFish, u/TyTwisty, and u/Happpieee! We were so impressed with all of your unique submissions and your hilarious rendition of Marss in meme form. 










 Thank you so much again to everyone who participated in our very first photoshop contest! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Reddit for more updates on future contests. 


-Kathryn “Ruffian” MacPherson

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